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Statistics and correlations (never trust numbers)

Some days I just love the internet. Thanks to Matt Doyle in Robertson for two of these. Want to waste more time today? A few more here                 And perhaps the best of … Continue reading

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Killer statistic

Whatsapp has 55 employees and a market valuation that exceeds that of the Sony corporation – from The future isn’t what it used to be (BBC Radio 4).

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Daily Stat

It’s been a while since we had a statistic, so here’s a good one. Of the 21 million homes in the UK with a front garden, around 33% have been turned into parking spaces for cars over the last 20 … Continue reading

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Guest post

I’ve often thought of inviting guest posts, but never really got around to it. I’m currently up to me eyes writing the introduction to Future Files 2 (my new book) so any help is most welcome. Here’s something from a … Continue reading

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Not really going anywhere

Almost 50% of people born in the UK live within 5 miles of where they were born. Ref: Financial Times

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Stat of the Week

Newly incorporated companies with one female director have a 27% lower risk of becoming insolvent than comparable firms with all-male boards, says a team from Leeds University Business School in the UK. Via The Daily Stat (Harvard Business Review).

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Stat of the week

Getting paid increases the risk of you dying according to study. Classic. You have a slightly higher chance of dying in the days after you get a paycheck, bonus, or Social Security payment, say William N. Evans of the University … Continue reading

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Stat of the week

I’ve done it again! Late and no post. So here’s a factoid from the BBC via Prospect magazine. “Sixty-five years after independence, of the 28 states in India only 9 have been officially declared totally electrified.”¬†Quite interesting this. There’s plenty … Continue reading

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Stat of the week (& more)

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal (quoted in the Harvard Business Review), during the 20th Century, the age of Nobel Prize winning scientists increased by 6 years. A similar overall trend can be seen in the age … Continue reading

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Here are a few numbers you might not expect. In 1988, 62% of UK teens admitted to drinking alcohol and 18% said that they drank at least once a week. By 2010 these figures had fallen (yes, fallen) to 45% … Continue reading

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