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Will a robot eat your job?

A recent bank of England Study has said that 15 million of the UKs 30 million jobs could be at risk from automation over the coming years. Meanwhile, a US PEW study found that two-thirds of Americans believe that in … Continue reading

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The robots really are coming

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Automation Angst

According to some techno-evangelists, humanity is on the verge of huge breakthroughs in computing, robotics, genetics, automation and artificial intelligence that will dwarf many of the inventions of the past two centuries. They might be right, but at what price? … Continue reading

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Richard and the Robot

  Did I mention this one? Written by my mum in 1966. Coming soon….

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The Glass Cage and the Future of Automation

Just written a review of the Glass Cage for Quadraphine magazine. Essentially I’m arguing that when it comes to the future it is the web of largely invisible processes built around our day to day lives , not rogue robots, … Continue reading

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The zeitgeist seems to be moving from zombies to another form of the undead – robots. Don’t know if you’ve seen the TV series Humans, but it touches on the key theme of what’s real (human) and what isn’t wonderfully. … Continue reading

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  Is it just me or does Jibo (“The world’s first family robot”) look a little like Kenny from the TV series Southpark?

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South Korea Recruits Prison Robots

Good grief. I’m trying to write an essay on Quantum and DNA computing. It’s making my head hurt. So again (with apologies) something silly. Apparently a prison in the South Korean city of Pohang is testing 1.5m robot wardens on … Continue reading

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Reindeer at 35,000 feet

Finns are getting weird. Back on Finnair and this time it’s reindeer salad and cloudberries at 35,000 feet. The highlight of this trip was Gate 37a. There was a woman dressed in white standing in a corner looking at the … Continue reading

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