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The benefits of being a slow reader

I’ve started doing something recently that seems to be having an interesting effect on me. It’s something I’ve started to mention to other people and they seem to be intrigued by it. What’s the thing? I’ve started reading old newspapers … Continue reading

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Paper Vs. Screens

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Screens vs. Paper

I’ve just been going through a pile of paper torn out of various magazines over the past year. In the pile I found a single page torn from the New York Review of Books. I’m afraid I’m not 100 % … Continue reading

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Wine lists on paper vs. screens

  Should wine lists only be allowed to exist on paper? This is priceless. I was at dinner in London last night and asked for the wine list. The list promptly appeared – on an iPad. Great idea in theory, … Continue reading

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Vive la resistance!

Love this french ad. Click here.

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Why paper is a necessity

  A few weeks ago the Finish Prime Minister suggested that the downgrading of his country’s sovereign debt was in large part caused by the actions of Apple Inc. The iPhone had mortally wounded Nokia while the iPad had inflicted … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of PowerPoint

I’ve reached the end of my template. I’m bored stupid with PowerPoint. Various people have said they are now using Keynote, but this seems like a similar punishment. Interestingly, I did a speech in Brussels a while back and didn’t … Continue reading

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Typewriters vs. Computers

I like this (from Ryan Adams, the songwriter/musician). “Your critical mind is an interrupter of your inspired true self. If you are daydreaming and you are in that zone, you have the 300-mile gaze, stuff is coming through, it’s like … Continue reading

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Paper versus screens

              Does the technology that we use to read change how we read? Since as far back as the 1980s, researchers have been looking at the differences between reading on paper and reading on … Continue reading

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Screens Vs Paper (and comprehension)

  I’ve just (almost) completed some scenarios for the future of gaming so I’m back in the office scribbling like a demon. The latest scribble is a map of emerging technologies and it occurs to me that I am never … Continue reading

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