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The Future of Money (and everything else for that matter)

I’ve been silent for a while. A month in fact, which is almost certainly a record. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m drowning in information and ideas and the only solution seems to be disconnection, which is … Continue reading

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Map of Global Mega-Trends

Latest update on the mess formerly known as the mega-trends map.

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Mega-Map of Global Mega-Trends

Getting there….

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New 2017 Trend Map

This is a rough of the society and social change line (line 1) on my new map. The final thing wonlt look anything like this, of course, but I’m trying to explore what’s important and what’s not and also how … Continue reading

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Global Mega-trends Map

A new map of global mega-trends, emerging science & technology and risks.

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Emerging tech timeline

If you want to print, this is the file to use. Also very final version. We are printing one 3m x 2m for an emerging tech conference at Imperial so good for larger sizes. PDF download here (3.8 meg) EmergingScienceTech-FINAL

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2008 Trends

I’m just putting the finishing touches to my trend report for 2008. I keep changing my mind about the list, most recently dropping ‘Intimacy’ for ‘Something for nothing’ (i.e. ‘Free’). I’m also not 100% convinced about ‘Eco-Exhaustion’ but we’ll see. … Continue reading

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2008 Trends

In the spirit of user generated content and open innovation I’d thought I’d share my early thoughts on trends for 2008. These will eventually end up in my 2008+ Ten Trends: Predictions & Provocations report. My trend (draft) trends are: … Continue reading

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Search for meaning

Back in 1943 Abraham Maslow produced a paper called A Theory of Human Motivation in which he contended that once an individual’s basic biological needs (food, water, sleep etc) have been met he/she would seek to satisfy a number of … Continue reading

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As low cost services spread across the world, so too does the appeal of the opposite: high-cost, high touch exclusivity and personal pampering. To use the travel analogy once again, for some people low cost fares leave extra cash to … Continue reading

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