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Map for High Performance Computing (far more interesting than it sounds)

So here’s a new roadmap showing how HPC (High Performance Computing or Super Computing as it’s sometimes known) is currently being used and what HPC might be capable of in the distant future (unspecified). There are five key categories of … Continue reading

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Coming next week….

Still a few errors to remove. The mood modelling idea came from my book Digital Vs. Human… Mood recognition machines are especially interesting in this context. On a prosaic level, an ability to read an individual’s mood could be used … Continue reading

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New Map (and even a brainmail)

So the map for the High Performance Computing event is coming along (sneak peak left hand side of image above) and I’ve even managed to put a new brainmail together, which I will be send out later this week. At … Continue reading

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Nice map

Why didn’t someone think if this before! (Thanks J). In the car today. Radio: “If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet there’s still a month to go” Me: “F*%$ off” (It’s still November) Radio: “We’re giving an Amazon Echo … Continue reading

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The Future of Money (and everything else for that matter)

I’ve been silent for a while. A month in fact, which is almost certainly a record. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m drowning in information and ideas and the only solution seems to be disconnection, which is … Continue reading

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The robots really are coming

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Map of Global Mega-Trends

Latest update on the mess formerly known as the mega-trends map.

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Crowded airspace! (Thanks Patrick).

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New 2017 Trend Map

This is a rough of the society and social change line (line 1) on my new map. The final thing wonlt look anything like this, of course, but I’m trying to explore what’s important and what’s not and also how … Continue reading

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Art Map (from 1936)

Cover of exhibition catalogue from Cubism and Abstract Art (MoMA, 1936)

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