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Celebrate Failure!

Bit of a thing going on here….whiteboards and blackboards turning into an obsession. Can’t quite see this working at a British University. Here’s something I wrote about the importance of failure 10 years ago. You don’t read about failure very … Continue reading

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Thought for Thursday

“And what was the true object of this superstitious stuff? A final clue came from “Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention” (1996), in which Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi acknowledges that, far from being an act of individual inspiration, what we … Continue reading

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London’s best places (& spaces) for inspirational thinking

Further to my post earlier this month about London’s best thinking spaces I’ve been thinking, appropriately, about some further places to think. But it’s become exceedingly obvious that this subject could be split into two or even three distinct parts. … Continue reading

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The Future of You

Something light for the new year.                       1) New Year Resolution grid from Ian Fitzpatrick (via Artefact Cards). More about here 2) Love, work & money (i.e. career planning) by … Continue reading

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Idea of the month (folk in a box)

            I’m in love this this idea. Live music in a box. One musician. I audience member. Britain’s smallest live music venue. Apparently some people have come out of it crying due to the intimate … Continue reading

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Photo cluster bombs

              What do you do if a violent suspect or terrorist runs around the corner or into a building? You might stick your head around the corner, or into the building, but that could … Continue reading

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Why death and dying are important for creativity

I have written at length about where people do their ‘best thinking’ and which tools should be used for different types of problem. But there’s one place where people think very clearly indeed, but which is not spoken about very … Continue reading

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Creativity and mood

I met a head teacher from a primary school in Clevedon (Bristol) a while ago and we got talking about one of my favourite subjects, namely where people do their best thinking. I mentioned some of the usual suspects that … Continue reading

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From the internet to wine and ideas

I was struggling with The Future of the Internet last night (it’s a book) so I returned to Liquid Memory: Why Wine Matters by Jonathan Nossiter. The start of this is tedious, but once he gets going it’s great. I … Continue reading

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Hybrid networks (why we all need to get to know somebody we don’t know)

According to Ronald Burt, a sociologist at the University of Chicago, there are “structural holes” inside organisations. For example, a study by Mr Burt inside Raytheon (a defence company) found that not only did those managers with wider social networks … Continue reading

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