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iPads in Schools

Still up to my eye balls and still looking for excuses not to write anything. A few of you might find this article from the New York Times interesting. It’s about a school in the heart of Silicon Valley that … Continue reading

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iPads in schools?

I’m slowly putting together a piece on the use of iPads in schools (use by kids aged under 12 or 13 largely) and I’m interested in any proper studies showing positive or negative outcomes in terms of educational attainment. The … Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

No, not even close. Still a week to go. Would someone please explain to me why we still have summer school holidays based on eighteenth century crop cycles. If I see much more of my kids I may be forced … Continue reading

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Power shift eastwards

A conversation between two Indians in a corner shop in England, which I overheard yesterday: “I’m moving the family back to India because I want the children to get a proper education.”

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What Wikipedia Teaches Us About Education

Our model of education is broken. In most countries schooling is based upon a model developed during the agrarian era and adapted to produce workers for factory production. But most people now live in knowledge economies and the speed of … Continue reading

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TV viewing trends

Article in USA Today last week by Amy Chua (author of Tiger Mother) saying that the average American child spends 66% more time watching TV than attending school (no source quoted). This feels wrong to me. Screens perhaps but TV? … Continue reading

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Education wants and want nots

I’ve just been in Hong Kong experiencing, amongst other things, the power of the Chinese economy (nobody is interested in you in shops if you speak English or the local Cantonese. They assume you haven’t got any money. Mandarin is … Continue reading

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No right side of the brain left behind

The emphasis of education is all wrong. We are obsessed with educating the left side of the human brain when it is precisely this side that computers are getting so good at copying. We should spend more time educating the … Continue reading

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Stat of the week (stat of the weak?)

80% of prisoners in Britain have the writing skills of an 11-year old (or younger).

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Do we teach originality?

Interesting to see a comment about creativity by Cynthia Hall, Headmistress of Wycombe Abbey Girls’ School, in a piece in the Daily Telegraph yesterday (“A-levels crush creativity, says top head”). Her point is that the Internet means that it is … Continue reading

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