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Stranger than fiction

And let’s not talk about the Amazon algorithm recommending certain ‘ingredients’ terrorists may have missed!

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Chinese translation of Digital Vs. Human

The only country, I believe, that’s translated every single one of my books is China.

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Random #4

New hierarchy of human needs: Battery Wi-Fi Self-Actualisation Esteem Belonging Saftey Physiological

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Delivery robots

So I saw one of these last night wandering around near London Bridge. I got talking to someone who said that research had shown that some customers didn’t like dealing with people when ordering delivery food. Apparently things can be … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of Disconnection

Just had my email down for about a week. Five stages: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Seems OK now. Meanwhile been working on the final stages of my new megatrends map and there’s a megatrend on it I’ve called … Continue reading

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No time to be a kid these days

I’m aware of students that no longer attend university lectures, preferring instead to watch their lectures online at 1.5x speed (going backwards if they don’t understand something). However, I was having a chat with someone today and heard a new … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Digital Information

I liked this thought…..

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Big Tech Backlash

So I wrote the below (not the above!) back at the end of December, but things seem to be emerging strongly already. Back-lash against Big Tech This is partly a story about wealth, income and opportunity polarisation. It’s partly one … Continue reading

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A more comfortable way of being alone

Just when I thought that all hope had been lost for decent journalistic analysis a small article comes along yesterday in the London Evening Standard about Pokemon. More precisely, the article is about why large parts of the world might … Continue reading

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Quote of the week (about digital culture)

After yesterday’s essay something short. “The complicated, ambiguous milieu of human contact is being replaced with simple, scalable equations. We maintain thousands more friends than any human being in history, but at the cost of complexity and depth.” Daniel. H. … Continue reading

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