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Something a little different

How about this for an example of unexpected creativity. A safety video that actually makes you want to buy a plane ticket. I got tears in my eyes watching this.

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Celebrate Failure!

Bit of a thing going on here….whiteboards and blackboards turning into an obsession. Can’t quite see this working at a British University. Here’s something I wrote about the importance of failure 10 years ago. You don’t read about failure very … Continue reading

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Thought for Thursday

“And what was the true object of this superstitious stuff? A final clue came from “Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention” (1996), in which Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi acknowledges that, far from being an act of individual inspiration, what we … Continue reading

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London’s best places (& spaces) for inspirational thinking

Further to my post earlier this month about London’s best thinking spaces I’ve been thinking, appropriately, about some further places to think. But it’s become exceedingly obvious that this subject could be split into two or even three distinct parts. … Continue reading

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Links between science fiction and science fact

            How Ideas Happen Here’s a perfect example of how random events combine to create ideas and insights. I’ve been writing something about whether or not forecasting the future is futile or functional. It’s been … Continue reading

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How ideas happen (an equation for creativity)

I was wandering aimlessly around Notting Hill in London yesterday with a few hours to kill. The key word here is aimlessly, because I strongly suspect that if I’d had a plan, or been in a frantic hurry, the following … Continue reading

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