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From useless to being in the zone

Strange morning. Looked at my hand from last night to remember what I’d written on it. Bio-Solar wallpaper. (yeah, I know, dry hands. It’s the gardening). Then I pondered my tech disruption map for a while lying on the bed … Continue reading

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Disruptive Technology Timeline

Gonna be a good one. Will be done next month and published early January.

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Future of Water Timeline (Printable)

Here you go. Read it. Run a bath. Soak. Think. Future Water Infographic 2017 MJ

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Future of Water (timeline)

Hot off the press with everything including the kitchen sink (what a mess of metaphors). Tiny bit of detail from the Imperial College Tech Foresight blog here. I’ll post a high resolution version of the map in a day or … Continue reading

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He’s not a Professor (he’s just a very naughty boy)

Lovely article here about what I do (or attempt to do). Written by possibly the most interesting person I met this year (I don’t get out that much). She’s called Ephrat and she writes something called Quartz (, which slightly … Continue reading

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Mind map

I forgot I did this. Years old.

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An answer to everything?

I’ve just been in San Jose and my head is still in bit of a spin for a number of reasons (one of which is that I essentially went for a day from London). Anyway, on the way over I … Continue reading

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Roadmap of Disruptive Technologies

I’m doing another one despite the fact that I said I couldn’t and wouldn’t. Yes, I know you can’t read it. That’s because it’s not ready.

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Thought for the day

I’ve been re-reading In Our Own Image by George Zarkadakis (about AI). One line has really caught my attention. “It is therefore possible that the biological mechanism of consciousness is not localised in the brain but distributed throughout the body.” … Continue reading

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The benefits of being a slow reader

I’ve started doing something recently that seems to be having an interesting effect on me. It’s something I’ve started to mention to other people and they seem to be intrigued by it. What’s the thing? I’ve started reading old newspapers … Continue reading

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