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                What the f**K is all this about? I took these pictures in a clothes shop of all places. Not sure what, if anything, it means.

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The Future of Oil (and Predictions)

  Back in 2009 Deutsche Bank predicted that oil would reach $175 by 2016. Yesterday the price stood at $85.68, down 25% in five months. Goldman Sachs say that the price of oil may fall to $80 next year. But … Continue reading

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Brainmail is up and I’m down (must be the weather). Here’s the issue link. Also just back from Hong Kong. More on this in a few days, but I just can’t see those protests going anywhere.  There just doesn’t … Continue reading

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Did you know?

Been talking with some asset managers about where the world is heading and a Danish dairy company about food trends. Also back from doing an after dinner speech at the Malvern Festival of Innovation. Who knew Malvern was a) so … Continue reading

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Fab fact of the week

If you borrowed £400 from Wonga (a UK payday loans company) at its standard rate for 7 years, you would end up owing them more than the UKs national debt (£900 billion last time I looked).

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Why do some things get invented while others don’t?

Looking back over a few decades of dealing with innovators, large and small, there appear to be a few reasons why some ideas – and people – make it while others don’t. This is not an exhaustive list. Neither does … Continue reading

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Physics of the Mind in Sydney

  Anyone in or around Sydney might like to check out an Australian Institute of Physics event at CSIRO in Lindfield on November 6th. I’m speaking at the event via Skype.

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The Tyranny of PowerPoint

I’ve reached the end of my template. I’m bored stupid with PowerPoint. Various people have said they are now using Keynote, but this seems like a similar punishment. Interestingly, I did a speech in Brussels a while back and didn’t … Continue reading

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The Architecture of Ideas

I’ve written extensively about how physical spaces influence thinking (e.g. Future Minds, Fast Company etc.), but I didn’t realise until recently just how much research there was on this. For example, Joan Meyers-Levy and Juliet Zhu, two Profs at the … Continue reading

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Future Library

I do love this. A Future Library project, created by a Scottish artist called Katie Paterson, has started with the planting of 1,000 trees just outside Oslo in Norway. They will slowly grow and while they do a writer will … Continue reading

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