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HPC Conference

Phew. Well that was interesting, but quite a bit of work. Off now to focus on the IoT, which, of course, is connected, along with AI and machine learning. I’ll post what I have to say about the IoT next … Continue reading

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Map for High Performance Computing (far more interesting than it sounds)

So here’s a new roadmap showing how HPC (High Performance Computing or Super Computing as it’s sometimes known) is currently being used and what HPC might be capable of in the distant future (unspecified). There are five key categories of … Continue reading

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Scenarios for the Internet of Things

This is actually rather hard and thus interesting. I don’t need a matrix as such, but I need a working version in order to flesh out some alternative yet plausible futures. One thing I’ve discovered so far (I think) is … Continue reading

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Scenarios for the Internet of Things

Now this is fun. I’m doing a talk at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. It’s full of Big Tech firms and endless techno-optimists extolling the virtues of super-connectivity. It’s all tech-centric, tech-push and rather ignores the … Continue reading

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Davos Ideas Lab 2017

OK people, I like Rag & Bone Man (144 million views). But the Ideas Lab is really good too. I’ll admit 67 views (that’s 67, not 67 million!) isn’t much, but 37 x 5-minute videos about the world’s problems and … Continue reading

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Ideas Lab at The World Economic Forum

Some nice snack-sized videos here from Imperial College at the World Economic Forum. The first one is about problem solving in data-rich environments (5 minutes) The second is about software that writes software (5 minutes) The third is about creating … Continue reading

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Coming next week….

Still a few errors to remove. The mood modelling idea came from my book Digital Vs. Human… Mood recognition machines are especially interesting in this context. On a prosaic level, an ability to read an individual’s mood could be used … Continue reading

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New Map (and even a brainmail)

So the map for the High Performance Computing event is coming along (sneak peak left hand side of image above) and I’ve even managed to put a new brainmail together, which I will be send out later this week. At … Continue reading

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The Future of High Performance Computing

Just FYI, anyone that’s interested in HPC, super-computing, advanced modelling & simulation, problems, prediction, cyber-security and any associated field might be interested in this. It’s on Thursday 23 February in London. Event link here. Beginning of a new Current & … Continue reading

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