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Me on Instagram? Surely not!

.. Talk for the Dubai government at Judge Business School at Cambridge University recently.

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Paper Vs. Screens

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Focus on the self

Here’s a little gem from Time magazine (20 May 2013). In the 1950s families displayed a wedding photo, a school photo and maybe a military photo in their homes. The average middle class American family now walks amid 85 pictures … Continue reading

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How to unblock a brain

I find this interesting. I was struggling with my !$%*&@? map again yesterday. Peering at the illustration on a huge sheet of A1 paper getting nowhere fast. Then for no real reason I decided to write up the text by … Continue reading

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Dystopic Thought for the Day (is that even a word?)

“Let’s imagine… if you glimpsed the future, you were frightened by what you saw, what would you do with that information? You would go to… the politicians, captains of industry? And how would you convince them? Data? Facts? Good luck! … Continue reading

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People as Pets

A Korn Ferry study of 800 business leaders across the globe has found that business leaders think that tech will create more value than people in the future. 44 per cent of bosses go as far as saying that automation, … Continue reading

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Nice map

Why didn’t someone think if this before! (Thanks J). In the car today. Radio: “If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet there’s still a month to go” Me: “F*%$ off” (It’s still November) Radio: “We’re giving an Amazon Echo … Continue reading

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Richard Watson on The Future, Automation and AI

I did a talk at the University of Northampton Business School last week, but before I started I spoke to John Griff at BBC Radio Northampton. The funny thing was that while I’d been told about this well in advance … Continue reading

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Celebrate Failure!

Bit of a thing going on here….whiteboards and blackboards turning into an obsession. Can’t quite see this working at a British University. Here’s something I wrote about the importance of failure 10 years ago. You don’t read about failure very … Continue reading

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Black and White Thinking

Further to my piece yesterday about whiteboards versus blackboards and how each might impact thinking I was reminded about the Before I Die blackboard. This was (is?) a chalkboard posing the question to passers-by, who wrote their responses in chalk … Continue reading

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