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Brainmail issue 92 has just gone live (not issue 94 as I just said to brainmail subscribers). Here’s the link Happy holidays and see you all next year. PS – thought for the season. Does Santa still believe in … Continue reading

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‘Nightclub’ version of future tech map

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Future trends & tech timeline

Maybe size is important? Seen in an office in Germany recently (the corporate strategy department believe it or not).

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The Nature of Now

Having had a few ‘off’ days, yesterday proved fruitful writing-wise. I’m starting chapter three, which is essentially about science, and had rather too much fun pondering the nature of existence. Here’s an early snippet… please shout if I’ve got anything … Continue reading

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Cost of office

Here’s a stat and a half. A certain city mayor in the US (allegedly*) spent $260 MILLION on his campaigns to become and remain elected. He spent $184 per vote cast in 2009 alone. What’s that quote about the finest … Continue reading

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The new book

Bloody hell. Trying to write chapter three of a new book. Going nowhere, so I’m going to dig a ditch and plant a hedge. BTW, found this on how the use of CGI in movies “has become wearingly dull and … Continue reading

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Sorry, another stat

This can’t be right. A poll by Populus/The Times says that 14% of UK 18-24-year-olds and 12% of 25-34-year-olds have “warm feelings” towards Islamic State (IS). This compares to 5% of UK adults (?) and 1% of over 65s. If … Continue reading

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Stat of the week

Of the ten bloodiest conflicts in world history, two were world wars. Five of the other eight took place or originated in China.

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