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Slow thinking: Getting all steamed up about ideas.

Now here’s an interesting thing. I was at Imperial College today trying to figure out how to graphically represent the future of supercomputing. I had dozens of ideas but all were clichéd and none were any good. So I decided … Continue reading

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Why aren’t there more women futurists?

Nice article in the Atlantic concerning why there aren’t more women futurists. Personally I think the problem is that in the early years ‘futurology’ – or whatever f-word you care to use (and I can think of a few) dropped … Continue reading

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Show me the money

Pretty much done with the re-write of my chapter on money. Just left to to print it off on paper and read it through with a glass of red wine in hand (yes, I know about the quote about write … Continue reading

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Show me the money – update

I don’t want to jump the gun, but I may have cracked this. Firstly I’ve changed the chapter title from Money & Economy to Economy & Money. This won’t sound like much to people, but it now makes sense of … Continue reading

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Show me the money

  A few readers have expressed an interest in seeing the before and after of chapter 4, the money chapter, so here it is. As I mentioned a few days ago, this has always been the problematic chapter, partly because … Continue reading

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What’s Next #37

Just to let you lovely folks know that a new issue (number 37) of What’s Next has just gone live. It’s about time. Link

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Digital Vs. Human at Heathrow

Terminal 2 at London Heathrow last week. You can now order your meal via an iPad screen instead of having to deal with the human being that’s standing in front of you behind the counter. None of that awkward face … Continue reading

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The Joy of Text (sometimes)

What am I doing? Avoiding re-writing the chapter on money in my new book Digital Vs. Human that’s what. It’s all over the place (and all over the floor as you can see). It’s partly a flow/logic thing, but this … Continue reading

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Worst Predictions of All Time.

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” Thomas Watson, President of International Business Machines (IBM), in 1943. But remember that in 1943 ‘computer’ meant a vacuum-tube-powered adding machine as big as a house.

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Self(ie) Harm

Hard to believe, but apparently more people have died taking selfies this year than from shark attacks. More on mashable. Thanks Lynda.  

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