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New Book

The new book begins (and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the future). Nothing to do with this image either, I just like it.

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The Future of Air

If you Google something and you get no results you are generally onto something. New info-graphic for Tech Foresight at Imperial.

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Hungary inches towards autocracy

It is (once again) illegal to be homeless in Hungary. Source: New York Times 12 Feb 2018.

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Smart phone addiction

Like this alot (although stat about the goldfish isn’t true). Funny how it’s taken people so long to wake up to this. I first wrote about the problem nine years ago in Future Minds. Also, interesting it’s artists that and … Continue reading

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The Peoples’ Fridge

This has to be the coolest, best, most wonderful Idea I’ve heard about in years. A fridge where anyone can leave unwanted food and anyone can take it. Takes food from shops that’s past its sell-by date too.

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4 Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Worry About AI

Now I’m aware that putting up an image like this does potentially risk an outbreak of panic. If you aren’t already concerned about globalisation, ageing workforces, declining productivity, the war for talent, millennials, managing virtual teams, too much connectivity and … Continue reading

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Autonomous battlefield robots

One of the 100 technologies on my table of disruptive technologies is battlefield robots. Most people will probably think of six foot bipeds out of The Terminator, but tiny insect-sized killer robots might be more realistic and far more of … Continue reading

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