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Screens Vs Paper (and comprehension)

  I’ve just (almost) completed some scenarios for the future of gaming so I’m back in the office scribbling like a demon. The latest scribble is a map of emerging technologies and it occurs to me that I am never … Continue reading

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Technology Forecasting Maps

  Another map is underway, this time it’s a timeline of current and future technologies and I’m co-producing it with the tech forecasting folks at Imperial College London. There are 5 key lines on the map, Digital-Tech, Nano-Tech, Neuro-Tech, Bio-Tech … Continue reading

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The Future of Privacy

We are currently living in the Technolithic, an age that forms part of the most significant revolution since the agricultural and industrial eras. The Technolithic is part of the information age, but what we are now creating is perhaps not … Continue reading

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Image of the week

Couldn’t resist taking this photo.

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Just stuff

Hard to know what to talk about today. It could be the patent Sony has put in for a smart wig (are they on crack or something?). Or one might mention Amazon’s UAVsĀ  (Unmanned Amazon Vehicle?) or delivery drones (great … Continue reading

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The Future of Gaming

                  I’m currently writing some scenarios for the future of gaming and have found a few things rather useful. The first (thanks Andrew) is a good starting point for looking at gaming … Continue reading

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