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Not quite what I meant


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Idea of the month: Pop-up libraries

Has anyone ever done pop up public libraries? If the people are no longer going to libraries why not bring the libraries to the people? But here’s the good bit – possibly. If you had, say, a pop up library … Continue reading

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Peak Data

                  I had an idea walking the dog yesterday: “Peak Data.” This is nonsense on one level. How can we have less data in the future – surely the supply of data … Continue reading

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The Future of Love

I’ve become very self-conscious following my last post about being anti-social. For example, is this new post trivial or worth posting? Is it about anything other than me? Anyway, as a link to last week’s discussion about machines demeaning human … Continue reading

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Why I’m Feeling Anti-Social

I was close to stopping the blog last week. It was becoming increasingly obvious to me that I had nothing of real substance to say. Who really cares where I am or what I’m doing? This thought was inducing a … Continue reading

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Department of Future Crime

  Two things for you folks today. First is a UK government report on South Asia out to the year 2040. It makes good reading alongside Shell’s scenarios for 2050. Second up is the Dept. of Future Crime…seriously. I wrote … Continue reading

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Shell Scenarios for 2050

                  Shell’s latest set of scenarios for the world 2050 are now out and, interestingly, include a view out to 2100. Here are two overviews and here’s the link to the scenario … Continue reading

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Futures House Europe, the new scenarios and futures research company of which I’m co-founder, is now fully up online. Weirdly, most of the initial interest seems to be in one-day events for leadership teams looking at 2020 and physical study … Continue reading

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But What is a Public Library for?

Here’s a lovely list of things that public libraries are for via Brian Gambles, who is Project Director of the new Library of Birmingham (the largest library in Europe). Place making Knowledge growth and transfer Showcasing culture and learning Celebrating … Continue reading

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