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The Bifurcation of Bling

Have you noticed how ‘Bling’ is booming in developing countries such as Russia and China whilst at the same time ideas such as frugality and sustainability are taking hold in other parts of the world? Well apart from the economic … Continue reading

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How we die

So here I am at 7.10 pm (I know, get off the computer) wondering what the heck to say today when an email from Bradley pops up. Consider it stolen I say. Bottom line seems to be to relax, watch … Continue reading

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Does Where You Think Change What You Think?

I’m doing a Pro-Bono (Edward Pro-Bono – get it?) workshop with the Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians up near Derby in the UK. Great bunch of people and an interesting discussion last night about children (under sixteen essentially) … Continue reading

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Future Vision: Book launch in Sydney

Just in case you are in Sydney and would like to attend the launch of Future Vision it’s happening at UTS Business School. Details and link are below. I am in London I’m afraid and will not be attending. However, … Continue reading

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The death of handwriting?

I’ve just been running futures workshop in Germany and one discovery is that people are losing the ability to write by hand. I’m not talking about kids either – rather professional 40-somethings and 50-somethings. You think I’m joking? The material … Continue reading

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Strategic shocks: 10 game changers for 2040.

                More free stuff! One of the ideas that my co-author Oliver had for the book (Future Vision) was to end with a series of strategic shocks. This was actually a book idea … Continue reading

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  Judging by the recent jump in subscribers to the blog some of you seem to like free bits of my new book so here’s a tiny bit more – an overview of the 4 scenarios upon which the book … Continue reading

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