TV viewing trends

Article in USA Today last week by Amy Chua (author of Tiger Mother) saying that the average American child spends 66% more time watching TV than attending school (no source quoted). This feels wrong to me. Screens perhaps but TV? I know TV viewing has held steady against the rise of the internet but it’s still high.¬†Anyone out there from PEW research care to comment?

BTW, for all you German publishers out there, here’s a list of versions of Future Files sold to date. We have current interest from Japan and Iran, but we are missing one key market, namely Germany! Brazil would be nice too. BTW, double this because there are now two editions (i.e. original and updated version).

World English excl. ANZ, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia (Nicholas Brealey Publishing);
Hungarian (HVG Kiado)
Simplified Chinese (Jing Hua Publishing House)
Complex Chinese (IF Culture Publishing)
Korean (Chung Rim Publishing)
Turkish (Yakamoz Yayinevi)
Croatian (Alfa D.D.)
Lithuanian (Verslo Zinios)
Portuguese (Caleidoscopio)
Arabic (Kalima)
Indonesian (Ufuk Press)
Russian (Eksmo)
Bulgarian (Locus)
Thai (True Digital Content)

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