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Future Files – In Turkish

Tahmin tehlikeli bir oyundur. Gelecek, asla şu ana dayanan düz doğrusal bir tahmin değildir. Genellikle hiçbir şekilde öngörülmeyen fikirler veya olaylar, en iyi şekilde hazırlanmış planları bozar; ama bu, hiçbir şekilde gelecek hakkında düşünmemekten iyidir. Gelecek Dosyaları, dünyanın gelecek yarım … Continue reading

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Going to be trouble?

Here’s a statistic to send a chill down your spine. 20% of American men aged between 25-55 are now unemployed. In the 1960s 95% of the same group had a job. That’s structural change.

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2011 Trends Update

I was in Sweden yesterday so I missed the panic on the streets of London (to quote part of an old Smiths song). Seems that some students got a bit upset and stormed the Conservative Party HQ. Who says students … Continue reading

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China to rank #1 in patent filings by 2011?

A study produced by Thomson Reuters last month says that China should pass both the US and Japan in the number of patent applications made by next year. In 2009, China made 403,000 patent applications, putting it in third place … Continue reading

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Too Much Information? – Take a Nap

Research by Matthew Walker at the University of California (Berkeley) says that the best way to absorb new information after lunch is to take a mid-day siesta. Apparently the hippocampus, the area of our brains that stores new material, can … Continue reading

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Facebook Finish

An interesting data visualization from David McCandless showing when people break up via Facebook status updates. Out-takes. 1) Lots of people break up before Spring Break and the summer, 2). Lots of people start the week by dumping their other … Continue reading

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What am I doing right now?

Posting on my blog – obviously. Aside from that? Sending something off to the MOD, sending a draft presentation for an insurance event and writing a lecture for QDay 2010 – The Human Interface – that is happening this month … Continue reading

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Where have all the real men gone?

Remember tough guys? Men like Steve McQueen and John Wayne – strong silent types that got the job done. Recently we’ve had SNAGS – Sensitive New Age Guys, Metrosexuals and Ubersexuals  – men who are fragile and flawed. These guys … Continue reading

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Wonderful Copenhagen

Where have I been? I’m so glad you asked. I’ve been in Denmark for a week. I’d forgotten just how interesting this country is. For example, the country frequently features as the “happiest place in the world” and also ranks … Continue reading

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Thinking Foods

Letter in the newspapers last week from a Doctor Robin Hendy who worked on the safety of food additives for 12 years. He has an interest in foods that aid dream production. He confirms the existence of “cheese dreams” but … Continue reading

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