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Brainmail Visualized

I’m supposed to be writing an updated version of my book, Future Files, but I got bored and dumped the best bits from the last fifty issues of brainmail into tag crowd. Not that interesting (so why blog it?).

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How We Now Shop

The future of retail is seemingly not what it used to be. A few years ago we were talking about trendy new terms such as premiumisation, masstigue, transumerism, pop-up retail and third spaces. We were also witnessing the emergence of … Continue reading

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The Strategic Importance of Lunch

I’m in Sydney talking to AFR about the importance of slow thinking. I ended up talking about the importance of lunch – especially in the context of fresh ideas and insights. They seemed to quite like this idea and said … Continue reading

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Not So Fast

Interesting to see a piece in The Times about a research study conducted by the University of California, San Diego, saying that traits such as compassion and tolerance are hard wired into the human brain. I’m not so sure about … Continue reading

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Nothing to say today. Uploading new observations.

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The Death of Cash

Some time ago I wrote about a Nielsen prediction that 90% of financial transactions would be cashless (digital) by the year 2020. Judging by the chart above it looks like they were on the money. So what’s next? I’d expect … Continue reading

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Anxiety at Fever Pitch

I am not in the habit of cut and pasting whole articles but I’m getting so hot under the collar about Swine Flu that this article is perhaps worth it. The article is by Professor Peter Curzon, a Professor of … Continue reading

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The Next 100 Years et al

There seems to be a trend for books about the future (who saw this coming?). I’ve just read two more. The first – and best – is The Next 100 Years by George Friedman. The first half of the book … Continue reading

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Anxiety Pandemics – Part 2

Interesting to note that according to the World Health Organization (Who) 31 people died from Swine Flu over the period to April 24 to May 6. Over the same period, according to WHO statistics, 63,066 people died from TB. Source: … Continue reading

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Map of the Interior World

I’ve been on quite a few planes recently. For some unknown reason I thought it would be a good idea and try to paint something at 35,000 feet. People didn’t quite move seats to get away from me but it … Continue reading

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